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Ubuntu Server with GUI

I am sure you already know the security and performance concerns about having a GUI for your Ubuntu server; for any Linux server actually. You are strongly recommended against it. If this is the first time you hear about this,

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Update Manager with SSH

This gonna be short and sweet. If you need/want the Drupal Update Manager to work through SSH then you need to install the “libssh2-php” php package on your Ubuntu server. You know the Update Manager; it’s the admin interface when

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Delete Default Site

When I got my first VPS (from Linode) like 4 years ago, for heavy Drupal use, I read a lot of guides about setting up a LAMP stack on Ubuntu. At first most of those guides I read and followed

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Disable OPcache Per Site

If you have upgraded (or planning an upgrade) your Drupal 7 platform to Ubuntu 14.04 then you most likely know about the “install creates 31 tables then stops” and “Installation failure when opcode cache is enabled” issues. Which is caused

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How I met php5enmod ?

I am sure most of you already aware of the command but I have just learned about it recently, while I was playing with Ubuntu 14.04. After installing php modules, some are not enabled by default upon installation. One of

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