How I met php5enmod ?

I am sure most of you already aware of the command but I have just learned about it recently, while I was playing with Ubuntu 14.04. After installing php modules, some are not enabled by default upon installation. One of those modules is php5-imap and php5-mcrypt is another one. You have to enable them with php5enmod command. As far as I can remember, this is not the way it used to work with Ubuntu 12.04.

php5enmod works just like the way a2enmod works for Apache.

php5enmod module-name     # to enable php module
php5enmod imap            # to enable php5-imap
php5enmod mcrypt          # to enable php5-mcrypt

…or php5dismod, just like a2dismod works.

php5dismod module-name     # to disable php module
php5dismod imap            # to disable php5-imap
php5dismod mcrypt          # to disable php5-mcrypt

You can always see the enabled php modules with…

php -m                 # for the entire list
php -m | grep imap     # to check for a certain module name

Do not forget that, even if you see the module name enabled on the “php -m” list, the module will not be active and working until you reload/restart apache. I am sure you know the difference between reload and restart; restart shuts the service down and then starts it up again, whereas reload instructs the daemon to reload its configuration.

service apache2 reload

Hope this helps someone…

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